Dear friends,

first - the babys are here ! Bricole gave  birth to six girls and three bpoys on 10.08. We are very happy, congratulations to mother and her human family and we are looking forward to a visit very soon !

More offspring is expected mid september, this time in Holland  at Berger de la Ruche and even more offspring in late autum at Del Nebbioso in Italy.

Now for the „almost grown ups“ - it´s agreat pleasure seeeing what our kids from „Aux Pattes Velues“ and „Les amis  touffus  du  Palatinat“ have achieved recently. Like for example „In scha'a llah Tauntaun“, „Inferno Kairos“, „Iron Maiden Pilvie“, „Imperator Igor“, „Benazir“ und „Blondfilou“

All of them have had great showesults in the last few weeks . Top of the list so far is Kairos, who, at 17 months, won 4 (!) CACs and is on his way to become just as succesful as his father Fidel. See some pics here

Far far away and nonheless very succesful are the boys and girls of „Zhamanen“ in Finland. Like for example „Zhamanen Snowstorm“ best male at finnish Clubshow - Congratulations !

Last there ist some good news over here as well - we ae going on holidays soon and Fidel is dutch Champion now !