Dear friends,

it has been many times we went to Holland, only, we have never been to the most beautiful city our neighbors to the west have on offer - Amsterdam.

We were greeted by mild temperatures - at home, it had felt like 10° colder - a colorful fleamarket (humans...), water, water everywhere, even between houses, dangerous amounts of bicycles and  curios silikon adverising in red light shopfronts. The hotel was almost as curios - a enormous parking lot, a giant box, topped by the   roof of a chinese pagoda and large crowds of happy people at christmas celebrations.

It was a cosy evening for our humans, they went to the restaurant with some good friends while we had to stay in the room, bored.

The next morning with familiar competition and after only 20 min in the car, it was back to business.

Fidel, once again handled by Carsten, won Championclass, CAC and CACIB and eventually even BOB ! Bravo !!

It was over as quick as i can write this, and now it´s  „Wait, 6 hous ?! We have to wait 6 hours for ring of honour ?!!“ And before you ask, no, one was not permitted to leave the grounds : )

So, we had to kill some time - humans read, dogs take a nap, humans eat (Spectacular Crêpes at  € 7,50 a piece) dogs eat (Fodder from the bag at € 1,50 a piece) and then, the humans realize there is noone left to handle Fidel in the ring of honour  - Carsten had to leave. Watching Junior handling, they came up with the right idea „Let´s ask her“ A nice girl in a blue dress and a very friendly family took care  of reluctant Fidel and presented him in a very professional way. Thanks again for that and „Tot Ziens“ : )