Dear friends,

we have seen many shows, but one has been missing in our collection of curios events and that is why our humans, together with Fidel got on their way to europes most beautiful island, no, not Mallorca : ) One short and spooky trip though the tunnel later, oene had to carry on left and after a quick stopover with noodles and chicken teriyaki (i wil focus on food this time, there is so much prejudics...) one had arrived in Birmingham, yes !

The hotel was well chosen, a cosy place, very english and not far from the best pub in the area.

Here the humans had tasty „Barfood“ and the best of beers England has on offer before they sank into their respective matrasses. The forecats was untypical and there was only a slight drizzle in the morning and while the tension of everybody involved rose steadily, the air at the show was very relaxed and polite - „ Good Morning, the Briards are over there, wait, i will show you“

With 96 dogs registered, Fidel and Carsten had to wait for a while, then had to run a lap or two and back to waiting. And while they were waiting all of a sudden a group of people walks into the ring, and briefly talks to the judge. The elderly gentleman with the beautiful beard turns to Carsten and starts a conversation - in german - then strolls on to meet the next dog & handler. We are told, it is the Duke of Kent - english moments, wonderful. Just like the CAC res. which they call „Reseve Dog Challenge Certificate“ . Congratulations to Forte, we will meet again : )

But back to food - lunch was fish & chips with mushy peas, that was unexpected.

In the evening, the humans went for Curry which everybody liked in a rather crammed indian place and after another night it was time to say goodbye to the hotel owners and their „cooked breakfast“

It was a great trip, so great, one has already decided to do it again in 2015. For now, we are looking forward to the season of 2014 and to meeting old friends in Austria in may.