Dear friends,

i have to start with sad news.

Viora Tessa du Jardin des Colombieres passed away two days ago.  We mourn mother and grandmother and in our thoughts, we are with Carsten and Sabine.

UEBB was our second appointment of the season after Crufts and we were all excited about it. That had turned to exhaustion by the time we arrived after a very long trip and everybody was happy to be welcomed warmly and find a soft bed at the local  Inn.

The next morning it was Clubshow Austria, temperatures rose all the time and a nice little thunderstorm to cool us only arrived when when judging of Championclass was in full swing. That meant waiting for an hour before Fidels first result of the day - you can imagine, we were a little nervous : ).

Competition was strong and it didn´t become any lesser as the day went on - next round „Best fauve male“, „Best male“ and eventually „BOB“ - the kid  was at his best !

The Austrian friends had prepared a little ceremony where every dog was honored - very nice idea !

It was BBQ in the evening and the usual typical european chatter in all alnguages - i guess, the humans just come for this : )

Day 2 and after a very quiet night in the austrian countryside and with fine weather, again, Fidel went for it - Championclass Exc.1, best male fauve, best mal, BOB - we are very proud ! Just as proud as we are of our offspring :

Lady Gaga van het Klotzicht - Exc 1, Exc 2


In scha'a llah Tauntaun aux pattes velues - Exc 2, Exc 2


Imperator Igor aus pattes velues - Exc.1, Exc 2


Congratulations to all, looking foward to more !

P.S. - little Benazir made an appearence in Holland this weekend - take a look