Dear friends,

lets start with the offspring - Bricoles babys have developes beautifully and will part for their new families this weekend. We wish them only the best and always a friend by their side ! Not quite ready to leave are the little ones in Holland with Berger de la Ruche but they too have developed very nicely !

And then we are waiting for offspring in Italy with

Del Nebbioso , they should arrive any minute now : )

NE 2014 - for those that didn´t go - it was nice in Macon as well ! Even nicer, three of Fidels babys have been selected and thus Fidi meets all conditions to be nominated Elite A Stud !!

First, it was Kimbo van het Klotzicht. He only failed by a hairs width last year, this time he was on top, congratulations !! Second was Henzo de la Tour Saint Genin, congratulations to this pretty boy as well !! Last but not least In scha'a llah Tauntaun aux pattes velues, 16 months, first try - we are looking forward to more of all of these beautiful dogs !!

Brandnew - Tauni and her brothers Kairos und Igor got their breeding permissions today, see pics above !

What else ? Holidays in Provence ! A beautiful house with a pictur postcard view of the area, high up in the mountains and all this for 2 weeks. It was great and i hope, we will go again !